Corey Farnetti
Silver Star Hotel & Casino Silver Star Hotel & Casino
Philadelphia, Mississippi
"Corey Farnetti"
My Husband and I came last night after The Alabama Crimson Tide football game. He surprised me with this extension to our night. This was the absolute WORST experience we have ever had at any Casino. My Husband is a University of Alabama Alumini and thought that he could bring me there for an awesome night of fun and much needed rest. First off, we were there for a good hour playing BlackJack before even getting a drink or finding a waitress to help us. We had to end up going to the bar ourselves willing to pay out of pocket for a drink . We sat at the bar area for 20 minutes without acknowledgement from the Bartender. We approached the Registration area of the Hotel and waited 10 minutes for the female to even acknowledge us waiting to speak to her to inquire about staying there at The Silverstar last night. The female very rudely said "We have no rooms." The two Dealers that we had were both fantastic, other than that, it was a awful experience. Everyone was rude including the entire staff at The Silverstar. The lack of customer service was utterly appalling and We have spent ALOT of money over the years at your facility. My husband and I as well as our family will FOREVER drive to Tunica, Biloxi or WindCreek. My Husband is 42 years old and at the end of the night, he said that he was treated better as a student at Greentrack. For a Casino, this level of service was totally unacceptable.