Vince Garcia
Tonopah Station Tonopah Station
Tonopah, Nevada
"Vince Garcia"
Front desk attendant, Gloria, was so nice and truly a pleasure to deal with. The first room we came to, the door was propped open and the pillows were kind of everywhere. We went back down and Gloria politely got us into another room. This room appeared to be 100 times better. Only one light was plugged in. When we moved the nightstand between the beds to plug in the alarm clock and light, we discovered tissues and plastic wrap behind it. At this point, we checked underneath the bed as we brought our cat (extra $15 fee, not bad) and discovered more tissue and a few other trash items and what appears to be a prescription pill. At this point, we're too tired from the drive to have to switch rooms again. Only reason a two star was given is because the front desk attendant Gloria has been nothing but nice and pleasant to speak to!