Mrs. Hale, Brandy McDaniel Hale
Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel
Tunica Resorts, Mississippi
"Mrs. Hale, Brandy McDaniel Hale"
I love this Casino and Hotel. This is my new place to go in Tunica rooms are a little higher than an average run somewhere else (bed, tv, bath) bit at this Casino Hotel every room is a suite with a jacuzzi tub big enough for two people and a large extra large walk-in shower it's worth the price. The staff is very friendly, and served our drinks without a wait. I used to stay at Gold Strike. I would pay 200 for a room with a jacuzzi and sitting area. Then a they stopped renting those rooms on the weekend unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars gambling and if you do you might get lucky and be able to rent to the suite and stay here. Now they rent them again but its over priced, and only good thing is the Cafe area to eat, and you walk in it looks like you are in Vegas as you look at the entrance ONLY. I don't stay at the Gold Strike no more. You almost have to be rich to play the gaming tables. If you're an average person making a average income median living of 59,000 a year or less then you should go to this (Roadhouse Casino). It's just as nice as Gold Strike and you're treated equal. Plus it's a small work to Gold Strike and the Horse Shoe, so you can drink a alcoholic drink and walk to the others without driving. Also here You can rent a VERY nice room with a jacuzzi and the gaming tables are not outrageously expensive, and low enough to pay the tables and not just the slot machines. Different tables are priced different depending on the money you have to spend. Although it's cheaper It's just as nice as Gold Strike. The only thing I seen wrong was only 1 roulette table was open and I never got a chance to go play it because I could not get a seat to do it. So i would suggest that they open more than one table to see how many people want to play by looking from upstairs or down on the Casino floor to see if they need it and open another one up. But if you don't see an opening at a table then you can walk to Horseshoe and play on the cheaper tables.