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"liyo denorte"
in the venetian hotel, i was impressed with how they mimic some of the streets in Venice, the grand canals and pulling it off with a gondola and the singing gondolier. it's just funny as most tourist and even us make a wishing well out of the great canal as the water is so clear as oppose to (based on my readings) the smelly greenish colour straight from the lagoon or sewers. but one thing that mesmerized me is the painted sky as it so huge and can only imagine the efforts of completing such a gigantic task in the name of "business". i'm not so sure if i can still consider it as an art as it targets tourist and tourists would go there to shop, dine, stay and gamble. i dunno if some would go there to reflect and attain a higher level of experience with the structures. but most of us visitors are there to spend. so the whole thing (interiors, architectures, etc) boils down to one thing: profit.