Eric Stone
Blue House Hotel and Casino Blue House Hotel and Casino
Santo Domingo
"Eric Stone"
Blue Chip is showing it's age. Had to call down and ask for shampoo and soap. Also asked for a lot of extra sugar. When she came to my room she brought the shampoo, soap, and 2 packets of sugar. Quickly I realized she only brought me 2 sugars so I caught her in the hall and said I need more sugar please. It seemed like she copped an attitude but I wasn't sure until she returned with 10-12 packets of sugar (which was enough). I said thank you and she said "that's all the sugar I can bring u tonight and walked away. Is it me or is that unbelievable? I didn't catch her name but she appeared to be an African American woman pushing 50 years old. Next time I'll stop at McDonald's and bring some sugar since I'm putting such a strain on Blue Chip's pocketbook! Smh!