Pily Wong
Naga World Naga World
Phnom Penh
"Pily Wong"
Parking staffs are real jerks, they would tell you to park far unless you give them money. They give free cigarettes to their clients so don't go if you don't like cigarettes smell. The gambling floors are packed and the minimum bet is high. Spa rooms are very big and got jacuzzi and steam and sauna in every room, but it is rather expensive KTV room charge is crazy Hotel rooms are badly maintained. Most of them smell cigarettes or old carpet, shower is cheap, hard to adjust the water temperature and water just stays in the shower. The restaurants are also not good, nothing authentic, except some Malaysian dishes. The teppanyaki is the worst. They really should get some food connoisseurs to help them improve this. Their clubs also suck because the music is so loud, it is maybe their technique to push their customers to come pick their prostitute and go as it is too packed anyway. Their underground shopping street is nicely done, however the product selection is really poor and expensive, so it loses all its purpose.