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Alice Town
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The island waters are beautiful here and that's about it. There is zero customer service! 99.9% of the staff are rude. The slot machines rip you off and double charge your bet. Dealers can't count and give you the wrong number of chips for you cash. MAKE SURE YOU COUNT YOUR CHIPS! The drinks and food are double if not closer to triple of other places on the island. It takes 45 minutes to get a drink at the casino bar. The bar tenders are horrible in the hotel itself. There were only 2 nice employees at the entire resort. The bar tender at the marina by the sea planes and the other employee, Sandangilo, was also extremely nice. Everyone else was horrible. Everything eas closed 70% of the time. No one answers the phone. Tried getting a golf cart but no one answered the phone for concierge. Tried renting a boat but no one answered the phone for concierge. Tried renting snorkel gear but guess what happened, no one answered the phone. Rooms aren't cleaned. We had 2 rooms. The 2nd room was never cleaned from the prior guest and then my husband had to argue with them to get a room that was clean for almost an hour. Even after that it took 3-4 hours to finally get the room. Our room wasn't cleaned until almost 5pm in the evening so it rarely got cleaned because normally we are coming back to our room to clean up after the beach to get dinner. The one day the took our dirty towels and only left 1 hand towel for us to dry off with. I can't leave out that the only beach on resort had a excavator digging the sand up right were you swim and a huge dirt truck driving back and forth on the beach were you lay. I'll up load photos of this. We won't come back here again. It's fair to say that only 1 or 2 people of our party of 30 people would consider coming back here again it was so bad. The other 28 people would rather go to another island.