The Venetian Las Vegas Resort Hotel Casino The Venetian Las Vegas Resort Hotel Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"EB G"
Nice hotel and casino typical to the Las Vegas Strip. The Venetian has forum shops that include a great deal of restaurants, which is great for the foodie. The price of food and just a bottle of water is predictably extreme since your in Las Vegas, so don't be surprised if your paying $12 for a small bowl of Mac & Cheese. Every room is a suite that includes a separate living room area with it's own television and office setting. The casino itself is a nice, open-feeling casino similar to other newer casinos. Ironing Set Review (for the Business traveler): Ironing Board (7/10): Standard open/shut function. Fabric on the board was wrinkled which led to a longer than assumed ironing session. However, the fabric was not worn or thin, so overall, it served it's purpose well. Iron (8/10): Clean iron free of hard water stains. It had steam capabilities but did not have a steam "puff" button which knocked down the score a bit. It heated up quickly and glided very well.