Aide Williams
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"Aide Williams"
Congrats are in order PS! We stopped by to revisit the famous oyster bar. Same experience as our previous visit. Food gets 10 stars, wait time, since seating is extremely limited.....well thats why i only gave it 4 stars. PS is currently undergoing a remodel, so far what they have completed looks very nice. But guys, why stop there? you really cant add more seating to the oyster bar? The thought of added revenue from guests consuming more appetizers and drinks while we wait for the delicious pan roasts not an attractive idea? Its not just those of us that have severe back problems that cant stand for long periods of time, but there were elderly guest waiting in line and large groups who walked away at the possibility that they would either sit in shifts or wait longer to see if they could be accommodated. Other than that, chef was amazing, wait staff was fast, pleasant and helpful. And my pan roast had the most wonderful flavor and plenty of shrimp, crab and lobster. I could literally eat here once a week! So tasty. And we have been there during "slow" times of the day (between lunch and dinner) and still waited approximately 1 hr for party of two, cant imagine how much longer you wait during their busy times.