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Las Vegas, Nevada
"charles chiles"
Food 4 Less is one of the most competitive supermarkets within the Hazard Center Complex. Their prices are competitive with Target, CostCo, Grocery OUTLET and all four of these stores are easily accessible using the San Diego Green Line Trolley, as well as by using the transit system or your car. They have a very large selection of just about any item that you would find at any large well known supermarket such as Vons or Albertsons. Good 4 Less is a great place to shop for families; when kids reach their early adolescent years, the seem to have stomachs that resemble "bottomless pits," and Food 4 Less can save one a small fortune. Their associates are all very friendly and customer service oriented; I like their " in store bakery," where they make all sorts of homemade delectable goodies and pies that taste really good at really great prices. They are a really great place to do your holiday shopping, especially for awesome prices on nice turkeys, with sales that change weekly. They also sell organic groceries and produce, something that has taken Americans a long time to figure out to figure the benefits of eating the right foods, especially after the "cornification" of America in 1978.