Darien Guy
Delano Las Vegas Delano Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Darien Guy"
So for this latest Vegas trip we decided to stay at Mandalay Bay. A few weeks before our trip I received an e-mail inviting me to "upgrade" to the Delano. I didn't think much of it but when we checked in I inquired about the upgrade and the pictures of the suite along with the fact that they come with an extra half bath sold me. Since none of the hotels seem to have fans in the bathroom, being able to take a dump in a separate bathroom was a big plus to me. The rooms are a decent size, not small but not huge. We didn't get much of a view though. You do get a great view of the Luxor since it's the giant black pyramid right next door. There seems to be adequate sound proofing as we didn't hear any of our neighbors the whole time we were there. But that could just be because we were there during the week, (we left on Saturday). The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was nice and large. The fixtures in the bathroom were nice but many things were just a little off, tiles cut not quite right, grout missing from some of the joints, etc. Also getting the temperature just right in the shower was a bit of a pain. Basically you had to turn the hot water on, wait a minute then it would get scalding hot. You had to keep backing the hot water off small degrees at a time until you could get a temperature that you could stand without being burned. The gym was well appointed and had just about every kind of machine you could want along with a decent amount of free weights. Since you're at the end of the strip the Delano isn't the most conveniently placed hotel. We like to take the tram up and down the strip and the nearest tram station is behind the MGM. This means you have to take the Mandalay monorail to Excalibur, walk through New York, NY and go through the MGM to get to the station. It's definitely a bit of a walk but we all could use more exercise right? Overall the Delano was nice. I would stay there again.