Hobey's Casino Restaurant Hobey's Casino Restaurant
Sun Valley, Nevada
Unfortunately it is in an undesirable area and my window was broken and my car ransacked when I was having dinner one evening. This place is more geared towards locals as it is off the main path. They schedule staff based on busiest local traffic times. If you go there when it's of times you will be lucky to have 1 cocktail server working. When it's low staff hours it's hard to get help with gaming issues like jammed machines out of order change machines etc. The staff are from that local area and resent having to do someone's job that their boss should have scheduled for that particular task. Not too friendly. Especially when you approach the change counter and one of the ladies are counting something and the other is on the phone. Or you have to ask someone for a cocktail. If you go to the bar for a drink you will be told "$20" buy in, no matter if you have already lost $1000 on the floor while the bartender watched. Not welcoming. Not friendly. tight slots. No servers. My waitress got my food order wrong there times and it took forever and that's when my window was broken. If your a local, from Sun Valley, then the place will serve your needs. As for tourists.... Not so much.