Mike May
Klondike Sunset Casino Klondike Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Mike May"
Well, where do we start. We had heard some rumor related to the reopening of the casino and wanted to try out the restaurant/cafe that was there. The food prices and portions are amazing... but the food on the other hand was a different story. Now, don't get me wrong... 2 out of 4 plates we ordered tasted OK and didn't have any issues but the other 2 plates tell the story. One plate which was comped by management contained lettuce on it that tasted like it was washed in dirty dish soap water and was incredibly nasty. The other plate was spaghetti which had plastic in it. The chef did come out and argued that it was not plastic and it was an onion skin. Everyone knows that it's incredibly hard to rip plastic and this piece of *skin* wouldn't rip. Again, the chef argued with us related to it. There was no truthful explanation or sincere apology to our party. That alone there, is what is prompting of this 1 star review immediately. Not only did they comp the meal with the lettuce tasting like dirty dish soap water, but arguing with a customer (wasn't my plate as I was observing the guest at my table) is what prompted this review. This will be the last time our group visits.