Jay Dyess
Eldorado Resort Casino - Shreveport Eldorado Resort Casino - Shreveport
Shreveport, Louisiana
"Jay Dyess"
Very clean hotel, nice restaurants although very overpriced. However great service from the steakhouse. The biggest problems I had was the casino employees, mainly the dealers. I played at many table games all night and ALL of the dealers have the personalites of wet mops and we're just plain rude. They acted like they just didn't want to be there. Table games are supposed to be fun, but that was not the case with rude dealers that apparently have been doing anything else. And the floor supervisors were not much better. They did not even ask for my players card and I bought in for a couple thousand dollars at one table table alone. And getting drinks from the servers was impossible. I was a dealer myself about 18 years ago and we always strived to make sure the players were having fun. The dealers here could care less it seems. They have a great looking casino, one of the best looking and cleanest in town so you would think they would like working there, but it seems they do not by their attitudes. Maybe they should consider all of this when complaining about the toke rate, or just find another job. The only great thing about our stay was the great room, although their television service was pretty bad and kept freezing constantly. But the comfort of the bed and nice bathroom made up for that a little. And the steakhouse food was really amazing, although highly overpriced. 4 people having steaks, no alcohol.. at a cost of $250 with tip. The steaks should come with two sides, but you have to pay for any sides, and a house salad. I will not return here because of the dealers alone, not to mention the lack of customer service in all other areas with the exception of the great service we did receive at the steakhouse. The steaks were cooked perfectly, and we're really wonderful tasting along with the customer service we received in there from the wait staff. Now if the rest of the casino could match their customer service this could be the best casino in the area, hands down. If not for the steakhouse I would have given a 1 Star rating, maybe 2.