Dave Redman
Iraz� Hotel Best Western & Casino Concorde Iraz� Hotel Best Western & Casino Concorde
La Uruca
"Dave Redman"
I found my week and a half stay to be incredibly disappointing. The building looks nice enough from the front. Unfortunately, I got a room directly overlooking the airport in the back and was awoken by 4:00 am dual helicopter landings most every morning. The housekeeping hours seem a bit erratic. One morning I’m woken up at 8:10 to housekeeping banging on my door and the next day they’re knocking on the door at 3:30 in the afternoon. But by far the worst thing about this hotel is the food. Everything was ridiculously overpriced and for the most part disgusting. I had the displeasure of ordering a $28 steak that was ordered rare and delivered well done. The steak also came with mushrooms straight out of a can and some kind of green leaves instead of the asparagus that it’s advertised with. Ultimately, I’ve made the decision to stay at a different hotel next time I’m in the area.