Keith Cleveland
Donald & District Racecourse Donald & District Racecourse
Donald, Victoria
"Keith Cleveland"
I am so disappointed to have to write this review. The Taj West End has been one of my happiest memories of India. I have been coming here for years and unfortunately every year the cleanliness and maintenance has gone down dramatically. I appreciate the age and uniqueness of this location. The grounds are gorgeous, the service is top notch, the spa is wonderful, but the rooms and general facilities are just dirty. I have attached a series of photos from my room to try and capture the grime. It's hard to explain because dirt has just been painted over time and time again so there is just this feeling that there is a film over everything . You know the exterior door jamb coming from the garage to your house? The one that everyone touches a million times? It's like that. The Taj is a wonderful institution and deserves better. It's time for a rejuvenation without losing the charm. Oh, did I mention the 2 mice that invaded our conference room?