Lucky Derby Casino Lucky Derby Casino
Citrus Heights, California
"EB G"
Nice hotel and casino typical to the Las Vegas Strip. The Venetian has forum shops that include a great deal of restaurants, which is great for the foodie. The price of food and just a bottle of water is predictably extreme since your in Las Vegas, so don't be surprised if your paying $12 for a small bowl of Mac & Cheese. Every room is a suite that includes a separate living room area with it's own television and office setting. The casino itself is a nice, open-feeling casino similar to other newer casinos. Ironing Set Review (for the Business traveler): Ironing Board (7/10): Standard open/shut function. Fabric on the board was wrinkled which led to a longer than assumed ironing session. However, the fabric was not worn or thin, so overall, it served it's purpose well. Iron (8/10): Clean iron free of hard water stains. It had steam capabilities but did not have a steam "puff" button which knocked down the score a bit. It heated up quickly and glided very well.