FireFoxy Gaming
Hollywood Casino - Lawrenceburg
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
"FireFoxy Gaming"
The bed and layout on the bed and the room and decorations we're all pretty nice and a really nice job with the cleaning job and they are really trying to make it stand out in the bathroom what pretty fancy itself just for a regular room see even give you a big discount for a breakfast buffet when you get a room the only thing I think they should do is give out a little bit more complimentary things they even offer you free coffee and or milk they really do try to make it look nice and also ethnic as possible and movie theme I think they did a really nice job with all love it and if you get your playercard and use it around the hotel and the casino it gives you some more nice things such as and complimentary Buffet were discount Buffet or a free room or a discounted room or free concerts at the place or discounted concerts at the place good job Hollywood you really outdid yourself and I mean it.