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Nov 20 '17 at 5:11

Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson
Don’t stay here!! This was a TERRIBLE experience. Below is a summary of our experience. -First, we checked in and were taking a nap when a hotel staff member entered our room unannounced. -Later that night we returned from dinner and our room smelled like marijuana. We called the front desk and explained that a member of our party was pregnant, and requested a new room. They told us that they were completely sold out and had no rooms available, but that someone would be up to freshen our room and send security to investigate the smell. They did offer to waive the resort fees, so at least there was that. However, 30 minutes later, nothing. -We called again and pushed a little harder, and they came back and said that due to a last minute cancellation, they happened to have a room available. They told us to come down and get new keys. However, when we got there they told us they couldn’t give us new keys because we did not bring our IDs down, even though they never mentioned that’s what we needed to do. They were completely rude and condescending throughout the whole process. -While we were standing in line to get our new keys, we overheard another customer ask if there were any rooms available and they said they could absolutely accommodate his request. -We got our new room, and after returning from our evening activities, our NEW room also smelled like marijuana. Our best guess is that it’s in the vents somehow. At this point we started looking online and discovered that others had posted about the same experience. Turns out the rooms smelling like weed is a common thing, even on non smoking floors. -We were told at check in that we could call the next morning at 9 am to see if a late checkout would be available till 1 pm for free of charge. When we called to see if it was available, they said that today it was actually only till 12. I asked why the difference, but was not given an explanation. -When we checked out, the resort fees were still on our bill. When we asked, they said there was NO record of our complaints and room change the night before. She finally said she could remove it as a courtesy, but scolded us for not knowing the names of the people who promised that the night before. -During our checkout, we mentioned that we had read online that others have had issues with their rooms smelling like marijuana, and if this was something the hotel was aware of as a common issue. She would not give us a straight answer and just kept saying that smoking marijuana is legal in Las Vegas, but illegal in the hotel, and that if people were caught they would be charged a fine. There seems to be no effort or concern for customer service or to improve the hotel experience. In the end, we ended up staying another night in Vegas but switched to another hotel because our experience was so poor.