John Victor
Sky Dancer Bingo Palace
Belcourt, North Dakota
"John Victor"
I really wanted to give this place an average rating as the people are nice and it is generally clean but it is really impossible to do so. The place is way past its prime and needs a facelift. I stayed in the tower which was supposed to have the best rooms in the place. If they are the best I'd sure hate to see the worst!. The room was clean but Dark As a Dungeon! There was one table lamp with a badly scarred shade. The other two lights by the bed had little candelabra bulbs in them and gave very little light at all. There were gooseneck reading lights underneath them but they were limited in their coverage. The bathroom was spacious and kept very clean with the usual amenities, shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion. The towels were decent but the bath mat was pretty well worn with threads hanging off of it. There was a small refrigerator and microwave and a vending machine in the hall for sodas and water. The room itself showed multitudinous signs of wear with nicks and scratches in the furniture and a very scarred lampshade. There is an in-room Keurig coffee maker with four pods per day. The heat worked well even though it was a bit noisy. The casino itself is nothing to write home about. It is extremely small, full of slot machines and smoking is allowed although there is a small, non-smoking slot machine Casino down the hall. There are 6 gaming tables, Blackjack and some form of Poker but only two were being dealt. There is no roulette or craps table. As far as I saw the minimum table bet was $5. The buffet was adequate with good chicken and pork chops with a very decent mushroom gravy. There was also a fairly good selection of sides and a somewhat sparse dessert table. The usual Softdrink Machine was available as well. The furnishings themselves were extremely tired, the stuffing was actually coming out of some of the booth benches. By the way, the buffet never opens on time, usually about 10 minutes late. The buffet is open for breakfast at around 7 and dinner at around 5. It closes down late at night and there is nothing else available until breakfast and there is no other place to eat in the immediate area. The people running the buffet were very nice and cheerful. There is a snack bar with a decent menu where I had the driest hamburger I have ever eaten in my entire life. I will certainly say you get plenty for your money though because it is quite large and the onion rings and fries as sides are really monstrous. Strangely enough, my soda was served in a small styrofoam hot cup but I did get free refills. Once again the people here were very pleasant and the service was efficient. Check-in was also efficient and the people were, as everyone else here was, very pleasant. Would I stay here again? I'd have to say no even though it is painful to do so because the people are so nice. The place is kind of depressing and sad because of all the cosmetic problems it has, the very dark room and the casino is really not very busy. It gives you the impression of something that might have been really great back about 10 or 15 years ago and then has been allowed to go slowly downhill. All in all it's a shame.