Hilary Beasley
Flamingo Las Vegas Flamingo Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Hilary Beasley"
I have stayed in the GO Rooms many times in the past at the Flamingo Las Vegas, but for this visit, I booked a Deluxe room. After having to walk through the entire casino to the opposite end of the building to reach the elevators where my room was located, I entered the elevator and noticed how dingy it was. After reaching the correct floor, I stepped out of the elevator and immediately felt as though I was in the throw-away section of the hotel. I thought to myself that this must be where they book the drunks and druggies. Floors and hallways, in general, were filthy and had once been painted plain white, but now looked gray and there was a definite unpleasant smell in the hallway and elevator area. Upon entering my room, the first thing I noticed was that the walls had scuff marks and grime on them. In one place the wallpaper had been torn and simply glued back on. After sitting on the bed, I realized that the sides of the mattress around me were higher than where I was sitting. The mattress had a visible dip in it. There was no book or pamphlet in the room describing the hotel amenities and no coffee maker. The pillows on the dippy bed looked lumpy and uncomfortable. The floor was dusty and there was no fan in the bathroom. There were dirt and grime where the walls and ceiling met. I went downstairs to speak with management about the condition of the room. After standing in line for 20 minutes, I finally got to speak with one of the registration clerks. I asked to speak to a manager and he replied that he was part of management. When I described the condition of the room and showed him a picture of the mattress, he simply looked at me and calmly stated "that's 90% of the rooms in this hotel. We're about 10 years behind everyone else in remodeling the rooms". To this, I replied, "I've stayed in the GO rooms in the past and was very pleased with them, but my Deluxe room is a dump!" Again, he simply stated that 90% of the hotel's rooms are in the same condition. Nice to hear from "management". I told him that if that were the case, perhaps I should stay elsewhere. He offered to give me a different room, for which I sincerely thanked him. I collected my belongings from the first room and moved them to the new room. Upon entering the new room, I found that the mattress was barely better than the first one, but everything else in the room pretty much matched the previous room. Even though the second room was in a completely different wing of the hotel, the elevators, hallways, carpets, and floor were just a shabby as those in the previous wing. Never will I ever again stay at Flamingo where there are so many other beautiful hotels to choose from.