Tiffanie Jones
Rhythm City Casino Rhythm City Casino
Davenport, Iowa
"Tiffanie Jones"
It was great at first. But one night I was out late with family I hadn't seen in years and none of my keys were working (this seemed to be a reoccurring issue the whole five days and they kept fixing the issue saying they know the cards sometimes are stubborn, and that was okay). However, I got in late and the keys weren't working. So I went to the desk and told them the room I was in and the name it was under before they even asked anything. They then told me I would not get a key since I was not the room holder. My mom was. I asked them what they wanted me to do then at 2 am. They told me it was illegal for them to give me a key to my room. So, what if my mom booked it for me and I was staying by myself? What if my 14 year old brother asked them for a key because he was out late with family (hopefully not 2 am late)? Not give him a key? Let him sit outside? I provided them with my room number and my mother's name before they even asked and they still refused me a key to my room. First off, not illegal. Holiday Inns let me in my room, and the hotel had done it for me before, so why not then? The woman at the desk then gave me an attitude after telling me it was illegal and refused my key, then turned to someone else and asked them if she could help them. I was then forced to call my mom at 2 am in the morning to ask her to open the door. I walked away from the keys, left them on the counter, and tried to write a review on my phone (it wouldn't let me). How ridiculous, and I have never had an experience like that, even at 2 star hotels. They weren't the best, but still had better service and less attitude. I am in my mid 20's and it was the nicest hotel I had ever been in, but after that, nope. Never going back. Illegal is a nice excuse. I should have asked for the manager, but my mistake.