David Ellingson
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"David Ellingson"
This is an upscale resort and Casino. There is no question that the building is made with exquisite attention to detail. The Italian theme is carried throughout the Hotel in an awesome manner. You truly feel that you are outisde of the United States and have been transported to a fantasy Italy. There are all the amenities that you could want. The staff is very helpful and anticipate most all of your needs and almost all your wants. The hotel is very large and does take some adjustment to find your way around. You never get lost because there are enough signs. That being said, the signs do not deter from the general ambiance of luxury and richness. The pool is great and has a lot of trees / plants to provide a pleasant atmosphere. There are plenty of seats for lounging and sunbathing. There are plenty of restaurants for any food that you might like to try. There are the usual chain restaurants, but there are more fine dining establishments available as well. The casino is, of course, very close the hotel and offers all the usual games. The casino allows smoking, so be ready for lack of clean air. For a clean air experience, try to avoid the casino at all costs.