Lonnie Mathisen
Isleta Resort & Casino Isleta Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Lonnie Mathisen"
So the bathroom was full of holes in the walls which are apparently from towel racks. The walls of the rooms are so thin, we heard a baby crying in one room next to us, and a guy praying to the porcelain throne at 1am on the other side. The casino is complete waste, with cigarette butts all over the machines, low payouts on slots, and no real incentive to play here. My wife and I signed up for there players club, never told about the free play from the staff. And when we asked, we apparently were too late to get it since it was after midnight. Not horrible since only a little bit anyways. The spa and hotel staff are the only decent thing about this place that I can praise. The rest is just low speed wannabe Vegas that falls to short to even be considered. I have another nite here before I leave, but I will be playing somewhere else.