Sacha Fiol
Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino
Carretera Macao, Punta Cana
"Sacha Fiol"
ROACHES ON THE ROOM + RATS ON THE RESTAURANT + POOR MANAGEMENT + EMPLOYEES ASKING YOU TO TIP THEM + LEAKS ON TOP OF THE FOOD BEING SERVES ON THE BUFFET — PICTURES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS REVIEW How do you stay at a “LUXURY HOTEL” and they ONLY have 1 CHOICE OF BEER? How they have NO FOOD AVAILABLE FOR KIDS in case they get hungry outside of the buffet schedule? We ask for rice and beans AT 5:50PM and the answer was “THE CHEF IS NOT READY TO SERVE FOOD YET”. How is it possible that you visit the sport bar and LEAVE WITH THE FRIED FOOD SMELL ON YOUR CLOTH? There was NO AIR CONDITIONER in the bar which kept THE FLOORS WET due to the humidity. MY SON FELT 5 TIMES IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES. I notified the waitress and ask to speak to a supervisor and she ignore me. There were NO SIGNS to alert the guest of the wet floor. In the kid’s area, the employee was COMPLAINING ABOUT THEIR WAGES AND ASKING FOR TIPS. THERE WAS A LEAK ON TOP OF THE PASTAS being served in the buffet area. How is it possible there are 2 chefs and no one is noticing the LACK OF HYGIENE where they are serving their buffet? We stayed in the 1st floor and AT 7AM THE EMPLOYEES ARE TALKING AND MAKING JOKES IN FRONT OF MY DOOR and running with their cleaning trolleys. Are you kidding me? LUXURY HOTEL? is this a joke? They left us dessert in our rooms as a gift since we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Even though we appreciate the gesture, WE DO NOT APPRECIATE THE ROACHES ON THE DESK WHERE YOU SERVED THEM. (PICTURE INCLUDED) And to top this all, we went to have a family dinner at the Hunter Steak Restaurant and in the middle of the dinner there were NOT 1 BUT 2 RATS RUNNING BETWEEN OUR FEETS. Yes, you read right… RATS! Everyone at the restaurant complains and no employee or supervisor cared about it. We ask to take our food to the room and we were told “WE DON’T DO TAKEOUTS. YOU HAVE TO EAT HERE.” The food WE PAID FOR. (I included pictures of the food they didn’t allow us to take back to our rooms. Food that we paid for. You can also notice how everyone is looking under the table because of the rat.) After all of this inconveniences, we asked to speak directly with a manager. We spoke with MANAGER JAVIER MARTINEZ who told us that HE WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY GET US OUT OF THE HOTEL IMMEDIATELY because we’re just part of the 3% who have complains. He did NOT OFFER ANY APOLOGY nor showed any sign of leadership at all. We were a family of 10 and we all had the same issues. WORST MANAGEMENT EVER!! Do yourself and your family a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! There is NOTHING LUXURY ABOUT THIS PLACE! We have stayed in Punta Cana over 15 times in hotels for a fraction of the cost of what we paid for but with 50 times better service than this place.