Lance Morris
Red Earth Casino Red Earth Casino
Salton City, California
"Lance Morris"
Overall being one of the closest casinos to the city of Brawley also known as being in the county of Imperial Red Earth Casino has done very well for itself and for the small communities around it. It has a gas station that is the cheapest gas station from El Centro Calexico at least as much as I seen up to $0.05 cheaper than Brawley lowest price gas and it also has cigarettes zetor not of the familiar name brand however they are $4 a pack which does come in handy since cigarettes everywhere else has one up..... They could have more customer service Representatives as well as for better equipped security to handle those drunken crowd that sometimes are out of hand but overall to be near a small City with all these bigger casinos with your more well-known around it it's small and it just right for a lot of people including myself.