Donovan Obrien
Sandia Resort & Casino Sandia Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Donovan Obrien"
After a year away from the casinos all together I returned in May 2017. I was surprised to find out the old GM had moved on and a new one was I place. I believe that Sandia generally has good people working for them but I’ve spent nearly 80,000 dollars at their casino floor playing blackjack and I haven’t been offered one single perk. To top that off I’m a statistics type of guy and I’m very good at it. I play blackjack because it give the best odds to win in the House next to baccarat. With that being said I know something isn’t right. I can go in there with thousands or with a few hundred and no matter where I sit, what table I play at it all the same. Dealer always always always makes a hand and beats the player. Now keep in mind I’m a statistics man and I know that if the house has just a slight advantage over the player and the player plays perfect strategy there is absolutely NO WAY that the house can win 9 out of every 10 hands. It’s statistically improbable. I think I’ve given enough and zero return on my investment. I give one star currently based on the knowledge received that the casino is cheating patrons. Beware and choose what you play wisely, cheating is most definitely happening!