OLG Slots Ajax Downs
Ajax, Ontario
Security is useless there. My brad new car was hit in the parking lot while I was inside. The security came out and pretended to take a report only to say that even if the camera caught anything that they would not disclose any information to me. Proceeded to tell me that I parked on private property to there is nothing to even look for because it will be no fault. I told him that he was wrong that even on private property a hit an run is failure to remain at the scene and is a criminal offence punishable with up to 5 years in prison. I also told him his logic makes no sense because if I committed a crime such as an assault on private property I would still be charged so don't tell me that what happened should be brushed off. They said they couldn't confirm or deny that the camera caught someone hit my car. They refuse to show me the video serveillance and stated that the police could have a look. Really disappointed in this casino. Don't park your car there if you do go