Sean Evans
Casino Club Eldorado and Hotel Rostov Casino Club Eldorado and Hotel Rostov
"Sean Evans"
So disappointed spent a lot of money to stay in a suite and play in the casino for 3 days. 1 I was given the wrong room had a view of the parking garage not what I paid for. Them maid came in at 1030 at night to shock to us both was moved to a different room had an awesome view of the air conditioners that where just on the other side of the window. Yes Windows that stretched across 2 full walls at least 40 ft each wall and nothing to look at. 1 side a.c. the other the building wow. Room was filthy there were French fries on the floor next to the bed . So disappointed voiced my complaints and not even hint of if they even cared no comps not even a drink ticket or even a sorry.. horrible Room service was prompt and food was good. I wish I had my money back I would definitely done things differently. I spent thousands while I was there and nothing.