Turf Paradise Racecourse Turf Paradise Racecourse
Phoenix, Arizona
I just called at 1020am. I called to inquire about bow things work up there. The lady on the phone was so rude. I really didnt even know what to ask..So I explain ive never been there and could she explain how do things work up there. She says w such a rude tone as if i was bothering her "What do you mean how do things work?" I was startled by her tone..kind of caused me to stutter asking "Well what goes on on what do you do there? She again rudely says.."What do you mean what do we do up here?" I didnt know what to ask. So i ask do you bet there and I asked her how does betting work? She says what do u mean how does betting works?. I was confused having never been here, yet i was starting to feel she was a racist due to me having to pull teeth to get anything out her as far as an answer. So to prove my point i put her on speaker so the room full of horseowners can hear her and then i asked the question the same way. She reluctantly explains, in a rude tone and so unprofessional w a deep sigh before starting that "all u gotta do is pick a horse go to the counter and bet." We had a few more questions but she was so rude that i had had enough of her rude tone and and said to her that she was rude as hell. Then i hung up. Then i called back to ask to speak to a manager and this obnoxious woman had the nerve to both deny me a manager and try to chastize me about saying shes rude as hell. I was floored. Well to bad for her im not just any1..im a letterwriter. And im gonna file a report w the BBB amongst other things. If i dont get an apology or she is not reprimanded. Allowing your company in ny community to be represented by someone as such is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. So you guys will hear from me monday if i dont hear from you first. We are money spenders we would have spent way more than what you would have had to pay out to her in her young hourly wage. A person like her makes no business sense. How is she the first contact when calling. She needs to be fired. O stars. Pissed customer.