Punky Brewster
Big M Casino Big M Casino
Fort Myers Beach, Florida
"Punky Brewster"
Not worth the money or the time. Machines are outdated and while there are many there are probably a variety of 5 different ones to choose from. It’s clear they have usuals that board frequently because they all reserve the decent machines before you even leave the dock and then sit on them for the remaining 5 hours. Same with the tables. The breakfast was mediocre at best not that I was expecting 5star restaurant food. But they also take your buffet card so once you eat you’re done. Meaning don’t expect to board at 9, eat, walk around, and then come back at 10-11 to eat again; machines aren’t even on until 11 which I get legally. They don’t allow you to bring food on board either and only offer chips and hotdogs for the remaining time. You’ll be hungry. Smoking is also allowed on board. Not just on the outside decks but indoors, right next to you, while they play. Currently sitting on board at 12pm praying for these next 3 hours to go by fast. Get me off of this thing.