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Dec 16 '17 at 23:46

Mandi Williams

Mandi Williams
I am so sad to write this review. I looked forward to dining here for a long time and had my reservation booked months in advance. The restaurant itself is very nice and cozy, the staff was also exceptionally nice. My problem here was the food. I ordered the $70 filet mignon. It was supposed to come with crab, crab claw and bernaise. Which, it did...however the crab was cold. The steak itself was the most disappointing "pricey" filet mignon i have ever tasted. The meat itself was stringy, it was difficult to cut and was not buttery soft like every other expensive piece of filet mignon i have ever had (both my husband and I had a hard time understanding why the meat was literally breaking off in srings) I had the steak cooked medium so this wasn't a matter of me asking for it overcooked. The outside was charred to a crisp, the inside was right temp but inedible. Unfortunately I have had better filet at Logans steakhouse. The filet was incredibly difficult to chew, and I ended up eating maybe 1/4 of it. Sadly I didn't complain because I was too embarrassed to in this kind of establishment. The wait staff noticed I hardly ate any of it but didn't question it when I said not to bother boxing it up. The only thing I liked on my plate were the mashed potatoes. The salad was good, and so was the sorbet. I'm just extremely disappointed to have paid the amount of money I did for sub-par food. This was an anniversary dinner and I left feeling sad and disappointed due to the food. Once again the staff was great with the exception of not noticing my food wasn't good enough to eat or take home. I always look for great places to eat when I come to Vegas, and this didn't measure up. We won't be coming back. Again this is likely my fault for not complaining, but I shouldn't have to. At $67 a plate, it should be perfect.