Chad McClellan
Indiana Grand Casino Indiana Grand Casino
Shelbyville, Indiana
"Chad McClellan"
The casino is nice for this area of the state. Valet parking is fast and only $3, and way better than using the parking garage. The Steakhouse inside is awesome, one of the best. The slot machines are good, mostly all computerized games, with few real live tables for special events or tournaments. A bit smokey inside, but the air is filtered pretty well. They have endless rows of 1 cent slot machines, which for someone on a tight budget who wants to spend $10 and play slots for 5+ hours doing it, then this is the place. I prefer the $5+ slot machines, or the card games myself. Free self-serve soft drinks are conveniently located in the middle of the slots. Servers do wander around too though. Seems like mostly an older crowd here due to the penny slots. Nice place to go once in a while to kill some time and watch the shiny lights and buzzers and whistles chirp and chime. If you are able to walk away when you're winning, its good, just budget yourself and stick to it. Open 24 hours.