Annette Stout
Indiana Grand Casino Indiana Grand Casino
Shelbyville, Indiana
"Annette Stout"
I enjoy playing the slots here but the smoke is horrible!!! They seriously need some kind of smoke eating system or fix the one they got, if they have one. Even the smoke-free area is still smokey and to hit in there is few and far between because the machines don't get played as much as the others. Overall the place is nice but the slot machines are VERY tight now, it's hard to win there. Use to be very busy but now not so much. It's a nice place to get away every once in a while but don't look to win a lot because it won't happen here. Food wise. . . . The steak house is very good but pricey... The buffet is ok, I've had better. Overall I think you'll enjoy your visit, they have a lot of machines and it can be a fun time just be prepared to smell like an ashtray when you leave.