Camille Sierra
Monto Race Club Inc. Monto Race Club Inc.
Monto, Queensland
"Camille Sierra"
Just finished up staying at the Monte Carlo for the Knights vs Penguin hockey game and I wanted to stay here because I’ve being going to Las Vegas since I was a kid and never been. The front desk people were nice the room was what was expected but unfortunately we came at a time they were doing construction. Bummer. But it’s the off season. I get it. I’m giving it 1 star bc there was hammer drilling going on our first night at 4am! I’m a very heavy sleeper and it woke me up. The hammer drilling did not stop all morning. Then the next night and our last night it started at 6am it felt as if the hammer drilling was in our room. I feel like if you’re doing construction hammer drill after 8 or 9am at least! It’s obviously that people would be out late and would actually like to be able to get some sleep in their hotel room.