Stan Cates
Spirit Mountain Casino Spirit Mountain Casino
Grand Ronde, Oregon
"Stan Cates"
Went here for the New Years Eve party that they'd been hyping up via text message. What a let down! The general atmosphere was just uptight and stuffy and it just seemed like everyone was really irritable; especially the employees. Right off the bat the first guy I ordered a drink from acted like I was a huge burden just for being there. All the other roaming employees just looked totally pissed off at the world. The air was also thick with smoke. I get that it's one of your selling points, but put in a filter or something. Even the "non-smoking" section hurt my eyes after awhile. Terribly vibe, horrible service, and they didn't even have a feed of the ball drop in the bar. Total let down, should have gone elsewhere but by the time my wife and I had given up hope that things would turn around the new year would have come when we were on the road and that just sounded depressing so we stayed... Regretfully. And for the record, I'm not sore about not winning money, in fact I walked out about 50 bucks ahead, nothing extraordinary but I would have rather lost money and had fun than made my 50 and dealt with this stressful environment.