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Non-amusement area of Prater [Park] is full of tall trees and shades. Visitors can enjoy hours of walking without exposing much to the sun, even in hot summer days. Major roads of Prater separate road for cars, horses, and walking visitors, while cars are generally not allowed in weekends and holidays. Vienna municipal government does hold various children education activities at Prater, and one such an activity is to have fire-fighting training, which includes fire engines and their fire fighters and equipment. Kids, with parents' blessing and consent, are also allowed to experience firehose's water power. Prater Park is allowed for bike riding, and there are a lots of bike riders, especially in weekend for joy ride.. There are a few bike rental stores at outside the park entrance area from late Spring to early Fall. Prater also has boat riding and horse riding, although it seems that most visitors simply take relaxing strolls, biking, or jogging.... There is a TRAM Service station at one corner of the Park, if visitors do feel tired and like to take TRAM service. For reason unknown, not many short-term foreign tourists visit Prater Park, even though it is relatively unique for its tree forest environments and nature beauty- so simple and so serene.. Even though Prater seems to be known by foreign tourists as an amusement park, the reality is that it is a park forest with 6-million square meters of well-developed and maintained tall trees, mixed with lawns, meadows, woods and water channels from former Danube channels. The park offers visitors variety of activities, and visitors will not have pressure of the crowded or unsafe feeling, because road and path are well designed.