natalie anderson
Grand Casino Hinckley Grand Casino Hinckley
Hinckley, Minnesota
"natalie anderson"
Way too much money thrown away by management changing constantly changing things which they think are improvement but aren't so then they end up changing things back to the way they were (buffet for example) this is definately reflected in how poorly the machines pay out. It's time that they find contentment in what they have and stop being so greedy, their customers would enjoy themselves so much more if they did. Average on cleanliness, poor service with drinks, floor assistance and Grand reward counter in front, some chairs/ stools need to be fixed. Prices value on food is average to poor, it used to be much better. Video machines routinely pay out poorly, very poorly, nothing like they use to. Prices of items bought in stores is too inflated. Hotel rooms and chalets are often dirty. Dirty furniture especially in the chalet I had, the furniture was disgusting, bedspread and decorative pillows dirty/stained/burnt, spider and spider web in shower, windows were filthy, I don't think anything in them has been updated since they were first introduced. In summary too much money has been waisted on projects that were a flop instead of maintaining what they had. Their need to always expand has meant turning the payout on their machines so low that it isn't even fun to go there anymore. I would rather drive a little further and stay at place that has good machine payout and keeps their rooms up to standard.