David Westgate
Three Rivers Casino and Hotel Three Rivers Casino and Hotel
Florence, Oregon
"David Westgate"
Ok I received a really nice coupon for a two night stay. They got us in and thought great I can get some food or something. Well I went to talk to them at players service the structure of the coupons JUST Changed. No more FREE ANYTHING! NO buy one get one NOTHING. Of course unless they know you. I was told it will take three month of play to receive anything from the NEW management. Now it is $2 for every 1 point. 1000 points is now only worth $5. Save your money folks. Do you MUST spend $2000 to get $5. Plus it will take 3 months to get any free play for your card. Frustrating. I watched them give a gentleman $50 free play just because they knew him but not for anyone else. Not fair. Not good. Don’t think I will waste my hard earned money.