Vicki Altman
Oneida Mason Street Casino Oneida Mason Street Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Vicki Altman"
Do not gamble here unless you want to lose . I know it's called GAMBLING and you can't win every time, however when there is no longer play why bother? I drove 4 hours round trip,brought $1,200 with me and was done in 2 hours. This has happened 5 times now, so I'm done with this place. I'm a high roller and when I can't even get more then $25 at a time,something's wrong. I spoke to a manager who said their machines are set at 70% to 98% payback!!! That's horrible. Slot machines should be set between 91% to 98%. So that tells you right there, this is the worst paying casino in Wisconsin. Smaller casinos like Keshena and NorthStar pay better, so go there instead. I haven't seen anyone hit a jackpot when I have been there. So many people are complaining, so it's not just me. Good luck if you decide to go!