Rachel Hendrix
Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino
Sanya Bay
"Rachel Hendrix"
We came to celebrate my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had 13 of us and we had 4 different families. We were supposed to be in the same Villa (the same building), and they put us in 3 different Villas, so we weren't all together. Our family had 2 rooms.In our 1st room: the thermostat was broken, it looked like a baseball hit our mirror and was broken, our ceiling leaked and got our bed wet, the shower would flood the floor in the bathroom and it would come all the way out into our hallway, and our bed was SO HARD that you couldn't sleep at night, because you had to keep turning to try to get comfortable.Had to take ibuprofen every day to try to get my back ache to not hurt so bad. One early morning our whole room smelled like sewer. In our 2nd room: the housekeeper never changed the sheets and there was blood from the previous guest, the glass on the bathroom door was broken, the shower head had rusted all the way through on the one side, so it sprayed everywhere, and the floor would flood also, the thermostat we put on 60 and it would only cool to 74. You can't drink the water at the resort, but bottled water is included, at any of the bars. You aren't allowed to flush your toilet paper. Thought it was disgusting that they didn't cover the whole mattress with a sheet that actually fit. Our King mattress didn't have a fitted sheet, but had a smaller flat sheet that left about a foot exposed that means all guest are laying on the same mattress pad, and the mattress pad didn't look clean. 3 different people come into our room at 3 different times, 1 to fill up your minibar, one to clean your room, and 1 to give you towels. I would prefer 1 housekeeper coming in only once. Staff is very friendly, but only a few speak English. Trying to relax on the beach is like being in Mexico at the flea market. People keep coming up to you wanting you to buy sunglasses, purses, jewelry, take photos with animals, excursions, pictures, etc..It never stops. They even bother you in the lobby ,walking around the resort, and when you are exchanging your pool towels. The food was disappointing, but the tacos on Tuesday were good, and the french fries were always fresh. Fruit and desserts were always good. I enjoyed all of the animals walking around. Iguanas, ducks, geese, flamingos, variety of birds. It was amazing to watch the workers climb the palm tress and cut the coconuts down. He even gave us one that he cut open so we could drink the coconut water. The beach was beautiful, they do provide free lounge chairs and you can sit under a hut This is supposed to be a family friendly resort, but the music they play has a lot of inappropriate cuss words and even the N word. If you like drinking alcohol, maybe non of this would even matter. We did seem them doing some improvements, but why wouldn't you fix all your leaky roofs and get new beds first? When we would walk from our Villa to the lobby, we had to pass the sewer treatment and the smell was awful! What was even more disgusting was the mist that sprayed on you from it and it wasn't raining. . Didn't think that what we paid was worth what we got.