J. K.
Bullock Hotel & Casino
Deadwood, South Dakota
"J. K."
There are still some refreshingly old west elements to this historic hotel. It's in a great location, right on main street, in about the center so you can easily walk anywhere in town. The rooms are nice, and the bed is comfortable. The comforter is warm. However, you probably don't want to stay here in the winter. Being a tourist town, they lay off most of their staff and the hotel is run by 1 person. 1 person to run the front desk, gaming floor, and bar. The "bar" doubles as the "restaurant" and though there is a griddle, deep fryer and prep line behind the bar, management wisely decided that cooking on top of all the other duties was just too much for one person. All that aside, the Bullock doesn't have heat. Not really. There was a thermostat in my room which I set at 90, but it didn't make a difference. It was in the 50s in my room. I was later informed that they didn't have the boiler turned up. I'm not sure why, everyone seemed to know temperatures were going to be below zero with a high of 4 degrees, but no one had the foresight to turn the boiler up, in late December, over Christmas. This wasn't an early cold night in September or October, it was December. I had to use towels to cover the gap at the bottom of my door to stop the colder hallway draft from coming in. The tile bathroom floor? Brrr. Thankfully the down comforter was really warm. I still had to sleep in my clothes with my flannel shirt and wool socks on though. Bottom line, probably great in the summer, but see, old west elements still preserved. :)