Lena Loka
The Mint
Porterville, California
"Lena Loka"
HORRRRRRENDOUS TOUR GUIDE!!!! I went to the royal mint last week & Decided to invite my family back today along with 3 young children! we paid good money for these tour tickets & had nothing but disrespectful attitude from our tour guide who told us & our children to shut up numerous times.. also stopped the tour when our child babbled and stared over at us 3 times! she singled our whole family out in front of an audience and made us feel a minority.. i felt my child couldn’t even speak without causing an upset, it was horrible.. it was humiliating for me as i brought my family to have a fun day out.. if any senior management read this, i didn’t manage to catch her name.. as i was furious and left.. she was walking with a crutch which will instantly single her out. i won’t be returning