Jordan Thompson
Diamond Jo Casino Northwood
Northwood, Iowa
"Jordan Thompson"
Pros: Easy to get to and has a fairly large variety of gaming options considering the area it's in. Cons: Been to many casinos in Iowa and elsewhere and this one just seems overly tight. Can put $200 in one machine and if you are lucky enough to maybe get a bonus it's payout is like $10 or less, and this occurs often. I overheard an employee say that Boyd (owners) are building new casinos and not paying employees at existing properties a fair wage either. The ladies at the club counter are rarely nice. Sometimes downright rude. The offers they used to send (free hotel rooms, concerts, food offers etc) have greatly went down in value. As far as the management comment that is posted here many times...Maybe the IRGC is corrupt too as if they truly audit this place there's clearly something wrong.