mikeymike Lee
Island View Casino Resort
Gulfport, Mississippi
"mikeymike Lee"
We stayed at the brand new hotel that they open on the beach. The room was hot the AC did not work, I went to the front desk told them they blamed it on the Sun, we stayed two days here, got in the shower and the hair on the sitting part in the shower and they had some blood on the wall down by the turning thing. Got out the shower told housekeeper that was working the floor she said she would get it when we check out. Then I wanted to take pictures with my son and husband around the pool it was close went to the big hotel ask them they said the pool was closed ask him about the workout room it was closed. So pretty much if you just looking to play the slot machines it's okay. But if you're looking to do more you're better off to go somewheres else. And this morning I waited 15 minutes for the shuttle bus to bring me to my truck I ended up walking to my truck very dissatisfied with this place