Alison Hungry
Spirit Mountain Casino Spirit Mountain Casino
Grand Ronde, Oregon
"Alison Hungry"
Serious kudos to Spirit Mountain Casino management for a job well done! I experienced contact with an unconscionably rude technician, who thought the appropriate way to respond to a request for assistance was to stare (with a very hostile expression) over my head, (he was more than a foot taller than me) and repeat "that's not my job" twelve times. We headed off the gambling floor, having finally gotten the machine to print a ticket all on our own, to have a bite of lunch; I was still burning about how rude the jerk was, and our server overheard, and asked what happened. I told her, and her eyes got huge, and she went to get her supervisor, who in turn summoned the slots this point we were beginning to feel like our lunch was being ruined, too, so we were more than pleased when the slots supervisor, by way of an apology with some weight, comped our meal...a delicious meal, gratis? I feel like you handled the situation exceptionally well, especially as I know in my heart that employee was already on a rug in an office getting the chewing of his life, at that point. I've never had anything less than excellent service, never seen other than smiling, friendly faces before, and never expect to have a problem there, again. Three cheers for excellent customer service, Spirit Mountain!!!