Winston Allison
Magic City Casino Magic City Casino
Miami, Florida
"Winston Allison"
I don't know if this review is applicable because I visited this place twice for a concert. I've never gone into the casino. But as far as concerts are concerned I like the venue because they're really no bad seats since the place is really small for a concert. Granted you are not going to see Justin Timberlake or Beyonce here until they reach age 65 yrs old but for those events that are here at the venue it's very pleasant. The bars are conveniently located in the concert section. The restrooms are staffed and almost spotless. And even the cheapest seats are decent. Traffic is not bad getting out. It is some traffic jam but worst is maybe ten minutes to get out after a concert. The only downside is that because the stage is small the entertainers that perform here have to scale back their production substantially to fit the stage thereby taking away some of the glitz and glamour. So as far as I'm concerned however for the type of concerts they have I think it's a pretty decent place.