Sheika Leale
Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino
Laveen, Arizona
"Sheika Leale"
Unfortunately, a group of my friends and I received the worst treatment I have ever had in a customer service situation. There were about 25 of us who went to Bad Bingo for a bachelorette party. We had a great time at the bingo, but immediately following, a member of security named Phylis picked out a member of our group and treated her horribly. We all had rooms in the hotel, and this particular security guard didn't like the way our friend looked, so she singled her out in our group and told her she needed to return to her room and stay there. We asked why, and they said it was because our friend was "intoxicated". There were several girls in our group that we would have agreed were a little tipsy, but they picked the one girl who wasn't just because they didn't like how she looked. She is a beautiful girl who happens to have quite a few tattoos. At no point was she belligerent or stumbling in ANY way. We asked why they thought she was drunk. They said they could tell by looking at her. They couldn't give any other reason. She was NOT. The rest of us could have stayed in the casino if we had chosen to desert our friend which none of us were willing to do. Phyllis was clearly judgmental and biased about people who don't fit a certain image. They incorrectly judged a person for superficial reasons and they were WRONG. We asked to speak to a manager, and they refused to perform a sobriety test when we asked them to. I have never personally witnessed anyone be treated this badly and I will never return to this establishment.