Boban Andreski
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"Boban Andreski"
Price, view, lift access, tv, WiFi, balcony view are the cons in this rating that I give them. It has no private parking so either you have to pay for it or to go park your car somewhere else. The restaurant it had now is gone because they put a good wall and now someone turned it in a disco. So what they have is a breakfast room - a Swedish table kind with lots of oriental variety of foods but it costs good 7 lev or 3.6 € per person. I still was happy because I had good drink and coffee after the breakfast. The staff is polite and friendly. The room was mainly ok. The tv has 90 channels of which 30 are working. The smart TV option was a bit old and luckily the YouTube was functional after I connected the TV to the WiFi. Disappointing was the bathroom, the hygiene is just fine but the taps and shower appliances are way too old and it is hard to adjust the right water temperature. The view of the balcony is good, even there is a closed summer pub in front. There is a very easy transport just nearby by metro and it costs very cheap 0.8€ in one way wherever you want to go in Sofia, and of course town centre is easy accessible by walking.