Frank Rasco
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Frank Rasco"
Review on the MSC Seaside, sailing last week on January 27, 2018. Overall, the worst cruise in my 10+ cruises in 40 years. Beautiful ship, but way too glitzy. The ship creaked and swayed with even 3-5 seas. In 10 foot seas, plenty of seating in the main dining hall! Here are some more details that I copied from my survey from MSC. We had to be changed rooms, because of a constant drip over our bed, I slept on the sofa for two nites! We reported the drip on the same day we arrived, and after multiple attempts, it was never fixed. Guest services gave us a $275 credit. Are you kidding? They moved us for the last two nights, at night so we missed the last show as well. This was after constant badgering of guest services. We spent over $2000 dollars for a balcony stateroom and for a ruined vacation. I will NEVER get on this cruise line again, and I am still writing my YELP and Google reviews, I am still so mad I can barely write this. $70/pp for the Party Bus to a Private Beach Club in Costa Maya, which was the worst beach I have ever been to, it was dirty and full of plastic trash. The bar ran out of ice by 11 AM. WE left on the first shuttle back. The "Party Bus" was all hip hop rapping dirty words and racist "N" words and they did not change it. Average age was over 50 years old and everyone hated the music. Knees hit the sink cabinet while sitting on the toilet. Had to do my bowel movements sideways. Pick English speaking singers to sing Frank Sinatra songs.... The lack of caring for Customer Satisfaction was apparent in Guest Services faces.